How to Improve Your SEO SEM Using Social Median Platforms

Social media is usually fun but SEO can be boring. So how about using your social media to boost your Dating Site’s SEO/SEM? Sounds interesting, does it not? There are many ways you can actually use your social media online presence to benefit your dating sites search rankings.

This article will be serving as a guide on how you can use your strong social media existence and get noticed more often in the search results.

How to Customize Dating Site Build Links

Google has always given importance to link building. Previously it just used to be links with no importance given on the quality. This made life easier for a lot of marketers since they started stuffing their content with links of lesser quality. Google was quick to change its algorithm and now gives more importance to quality links.

Links on almost every major social media platform is considered quality. This is because social sites have higher web authority. This is the reason why your Facebook page might even stand better than your dating website in the search results. Make sure that a link to your website in included on every social profile that you have and also to include it in posts from time to time.

How to Get and Collect Your Social Media Followers

When it comes to huge number of followers, the numbers don’t only look good on your profile but also helps a great deal with your overall SEO strategy. Now, you don’t have to a celebrity to have thousands of followers – what you need to do is post relevant stuff and you will be automatically followed. Here it is also worth mentioning that correct use of hashtags (#) can also be very useful in building up your social media profiles.

Pages with high number of real followers are ranked high in search results. By real followers we mean followers who interact or engage with you at some level. Engagement and interactions might include retweets, favourites, sharing your post, commenting on your post, etc. These are also called social signals and play a vital role in improving your SEO. Search engines analyse your social media sites and signals to find out how often do you post and how do you interact with your followers.

Just make sure that everything you’re posting is relevant and continuous. This tactic will help you build a stronger followers base, which will in return improve your SEO.

Making Your Dating Site’s Content Attractive & More Visible

When it comes to sharing nothing beats Pinterest. In fact, if you are not willing to share on this great social media platform you will have nothing else to do.

There are many social media sites, which allow you to socialize privately, that is not everyone is allowed to interact with but only those you want to. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. all have privacy levels. Setting a higher privacy level, according to us is equivalent to killing the purpose of social media – especially when you talk about your dating business’s social media existence.

An ideal business social media page should be public, everything you share must reach maximum people, it should be searchable and inviting people to connect. Talking about Facebook in particular, there is an option which lets search engine sniff through your timeline. This option must be enabled in order to make your business more visible. To do this, go to Facebook’s privacy settings and enable “do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?”

The number of times your post gets shared increase your page’s visibility is search results. So, while sharing on social media, make sure that your content is shareable, attractive and posted at the right time.

Using Keywords Effectively in Social Media Posts

Keywords are probably the most important factor for any SEO campaign. You just can’t achieve your goals if you don’t know your keywords and not using them sensibly.

How to come up with keywords is something that trouble most digital marketers. The best way to find quality long and short keyword is by doing extensive research. This means, knowing more about your target and niche audience, what they are looking for online and how the majority of them use social media. You can use keywords on Facebook as hashtags or simply phrases, on Twitter and Pinterest as hashtags and so on… Using keywords in your post, status, tweet, blog post will actually bring more traffic to your social media pages and this in turn will help improving your SEO.

Local Listings are also Important

Last but not the least, it is very important for any dating business – no matter what type to have listing on Google +. Here you must include your important information like address, website and contact details etc. People who are looking for your company specifically, on Google will be seeing this information. You can also ask some of your customers to leave a review on your Google + page as Google always ranks pages with quality and organic reviews.

Social media is a great tool for any type of online marketing campaign and also has a great influence in improving the overall SEO of your business’s online face.

Constant changes to the search engine’s algorithm make it hard for online marketers to use the best practice and stay on top but SEO is way too important to even think about avoiding and when it comes to social media playing its part in improving the SEO – it can really make a big impact on your search rankings and your online dating business.

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First date or message

How do you start off an email love affair?
What do you talk about on a first date? While first impressions do count towards a relationship, long term success comes from getting to know each other. The problem for many of us is the inane way we date. Going to a movie for a first date whilst easy, may leave you feeling a bit empty. After 2 hours of sitting in the dark with a stranger, chances are you’ll still be in the dark about your prospective new partner.

The best way to get to know someone is to talk to them and get them to talk about themselves.

Here’s our top ten list of things to discuss (they may reveal a lot more than you expected!):

• Whom do you admire? Why?
• Tell me about your family: is there anything you would have changed?
• What, if anything, is your most prized possession?
• What’s your greatest achievement?
• Is there anything you’ve dreamt of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it yet?
• Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
• What’s your greatest strength? … and weakness?
• What makes you angry or depressed?
• What type of relationship are you looking for?
• Where would you like to live?

Take it easy, with just one or two questions per email or date, possibly discussed in detail – you don’t want to it to sound like an interrogation. Good luck.

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