Winning Dating Profiles

How do I get people to see my dating profile?

It’s all about getting noticed!

Here are a few tips to get the most out of flirting or dating online:

Your ProfileThink about it from the other side – if you were going out hoping to meet someone, chances are you’d take a bit of time to dress up or down depending on your style and the type of person you’ll be looking to meet. The same goes for your online profile.

The old saying about first impressions was never truer than now online; you may only have a few seconds to make the right impression. So take a while to get it right. Most importantly, be honest. If you claim to be Arnie in The Terminator and turn out to be a stand-in for Mr Bean, chances are you’ll not be off to a great start.

Let’s look at the basics:

Your Screen Name and Profile Headline:
Choose something that says something about you and possibly the type of person you’d hope to get in touch with. If you call yourself JacuzziBabe, don’t be surprised when you get hundreds of messages from guys not interested in a home with 2.4 kids, garden fence, a dog and station wagon. However, if you’re after a bit of bubbly fun, then you’re spot on.

Your Profile Content:
You’ll notice that most questions have the option of not being answered. Think about those that you leave blank. You may prefer not to answer a specific question (your religion, for example) but leaving some others (say, eye-colour) tends to just look like a sloppy profile. When it comes to the ‘narrative’ section, take some time over it. We can’t all be Oscar Wilde, but a few well-written lines will go along way to getting noticed. Even how you complete your profile can say a lot about you.

It’s a fact: profiles with photos get much more attention. Choose photos that are clear and uncluttered. Ideally, use photos that have you as the only person in the picture to avoid confusion. Besides, your friends and family might not want to be published online, so respect their privacy.

Update Your Profile Often:
Not getting the attention or responses you’d like? Review your profile regularly and update it every now and then. Keep it fresh!

A few simple ideas and you should be off to a flying start.

Dating Opening Lines

What is a good or rather, successful Opening Line or statement?

When it’s time to contact someone for the first time, what’s the best approach?

It’s all a question of style: your style. Some people opt for an enigmatic “Hello, how are you” and leave it at that, whilst some choose to rewrite the collected works of Shakespeare and include a complete medical history as well.

Our advice is to find a happy medium in between. If you’re hoping for a reply, which we assume is the idea as that’s what it’s all about, we suggest a paragraph or two with something about you and possibly some reference to their profile. Invite a reply by asking an appropriate question or two.

Avoid the negative or testing approach: “We’re not a match because….”. If that’s the case, well then why are you bothering to contact me?

Put your best foot forward. Before you hit send, review your message. Bad grammar and spelling are a major turnoff. The same goes for your profile – whenever you edit your narratives, have a look at your Profile Summary to make sure you’re happy with how others will see you.

Exercise caution. Be careful when including personal details in your message, especially in a first contact. Including an email address may expose your name, place of work, etc, so it’s best to play it safe in the beginning. While we’re pretty confident that there aren’t any axe murderers lurking amongst our members, we have it on good authority that some people can be a tad persistent about sending you mail once they have your real email address.

First impressions go a long way to the second…