Dating Site Tips


Did You Know?

We want to hear from you… What do you think of our new dating site design and functionality? Are you having problems with any parts of the site? Do you have suggestions for new functionality, or more questions you’d like to see in the profiles? Do you have a Match success story to share? Whatever’s on your mind, if it relates to online dating, we’d love you to tell us about it.

– That you can find people in our database in a number of different ways? Visit the ‘Find People’ section to read the details and choose the method best suited to your needs.

– That our ‘Help’ section contains a detailed FAQ? Check it out for answers most of your queries. If you have a question the FAQ doesn’t answer, please ask us.

– Profiles with photos get up to 10 times as much attention as those without photos? Go to ‘My Profile’ and select the ‘Photos’ link to upload yours today.

You can easily add other members to your favourites list by clicking the ‘add to favourites’ link on their profile? If you keep interesting profiles in your favorites, you can find them again quickly the next time you visit.


You can block messages from another member who may be bugging you, by simply clicking the ‘block him or her’ link in their profile?


You can keep an eye on all the newest profiles with photos on the site by visiting the Gallery? The Gallery contains up to 100 of our members’ recently uploaded photos, searchable by country and gender so you can get to the good stuff quickly without wading through masses of photo-less profiles.

Dating Site Hints and Tips

You’ve set up your profile and now you are ready to start mailing, so where do you begin?
What do you do if you are spoilt for choice? Chances are you’re going to mail more than one person.

Before you hit the send button here are a few tips:

• Keep a record of what you said. Use the ‘CC Me’ feature on the contact form to send copies of your messages to yourself. This way you’ll avoid repeating yourself or getting confused. This could be embarrassing!
• Make it personal. Try to avoid cutting and pasting the same message to lots of people. A personal message is far more likely to get a response than one that sounds like a telesales script. A good approach is to let people know what it was about their profile that prompted you to contact them. ‘I found your profile interesting’ just doesn’t cut in the originality stakes, so you’ll need to be more specific.
• Don’t be a pest… If you mail someone and they don’t respond, wait a while before you consider a follow-up message. If you haven’t got a response in a week or so, move on.
• If someone is bugging you repeatedly, don’t forget that you can use the ‘Block Him or Her’ feature on their profile to prevent them from contacting you again.

Good Luck!